I'm Back!

When we started our move, I only planned on being offline until November 2, the scheduled date for our new internet to be connected, but my husband passed away unexpectedly on October 25 and we weren’t able to get our internet until today. I apologize to all my group members for neglecting them for so long. I’m still a bit shellshocked so it’s going to take a while to get caught up with my messages.

I won’t be able to respond to all of you who have left so many kind comments on my work, so I’ll thank you here. I will do my best to read all your messages.

It’s a bit late but I have so many people to thank for the attention they gave our work in October.

Thank you to those who voted for these as top ten winners for October!

Tornado Cell as FIRST PLACE WINNER (tied) in the Tornado challenge, hosted by the Imaginative Skulls group.

Home in the Country as the Second Place Winner in the Letterboxes challenge, hosted by the ShuTTerBugS group.
Home in the Country as the Second Place Winner in the Mail Boxes challenge, hosted by the Spntaneous and Random group.
Bannack, Montana as the Second Place Winner in the September 2011 Featured Artworks challenge, hosted by The Compact Group.
Bannack, Montana as the Second Place Winner in the Let’s Hunt for Objects Made Out of Wood challenge in The Scavenger Hunt group.
Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park in the October Voucher Challenge, hosted by the A Little Bit Country group.
Lake MacDonald in the October Avatar Challenge in the Pictures With a WOW Factor group.
Brian’s Raging Storm Cell in the Clouds challenge, hosted by the Imaginative Skulls group.

Thank you to these groups for featuring our art in the past month!

#1 Artists of RedBubble for “My Sister’s Keeper”. (Actually, Pat featured this in February, for Valentine’s Day, but I missed the message and didn’t find it until another group featured it in October.)
A Place to Call Home for “Autumn Morning”.
Abstract Art for “Nature’s Abstract”.
Abstract Nature’s Macro Art for “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”.
Addicted to Photography (now “Shutterbugs”) for “Smoky Sunrise” and “Whispering Pines”.
Alice in Wonderland for “Mad Tea Party”.
Americas ~ Rural, Urban, Wild and Free for “Where Buffalo Once Roamed”.
Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts Movement for “Autumn Tree”.
Art Universe for “Autumn Tree”, “Haunted” and “Twisted Perception”.
Artists Universe for “Autumn Tree”, “My Sister’s Keeper” and “A Night to Howl”.
Artists with Disabilities for “Haunted”.
Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends for “Last of the Dragons” and “Northfork Morning”.
Color Me a Rainbow for “Autumn Feast”, “Window into the Past”, “Nevada City Sepia 1”, and Brian’s “Mountain Sunset”.
Country Bumpkin for “Where Buffalo Once Roamed”.
Creative Cards & Calendars for “Bursting with Spring”.
Fantasy and Mystical Things for “Haunted Forest”.
Featured for a Challenge for “Sunshine” and Shaun’s “Hoverfly”.
Feelin’ Good for “Autumn Feast” and “Red Maple”.
First Things for “Even the Wild Things Sing”.
Four Letter Word for “Farm Access Road”.
Fractal Combinations for “Autumn Tree”.
Fractal Paradise for “Meet the Simurghs”.
Great Plains of North America for “Gradual Autumn” and “May Day on the Farm”.
High Quality Images for “Glacier Park Autumn 3”.
Historic Places for “Hotel Meade 1”.
ImageWriting for “My Sister’s Keeper” and “Eternal”.
In His Name for “The End of Indian Summer” and “Glacier Park Autumn 3”.
In the Pink for “My Sister’s Keeper”.
Nature Photography Challenge for “Whispering Pines”.
Old Things Are Vintage for “A Splash of Color”.
PostCards-Destinations for “Glacier Park Autumn 3”.
Seasons Change for “Northfork Morning”.
Self Taught Photographers for “Glacier Park Autumn 3”.
Shelters for “Window into the Past”.
Shutterbugs for Shaun’s “Different Kind of Tears”.
Snaptacular for “Final Destination”, “Enchanted Forest”, “Resilience” and Jimmy’s “M&M’s World”.
Speaking Photos for “A Soldier’s Gift”.
Special Occasions for “My Sister’s Keeper”.
Streams & Stream Crossings for “Glacier Park Autumn 3”.
Superbly Visual for “Eternal”.
Temporary Hosts Helpers for “Birth of Winter”.
The Power of Photography for Shaun’s “Not a Mirage”.
The Scavenger Hunt for “Bannack, Montana”.
The Spirit of the Season for “Autumn Christmas Tree” and “Tree Trimming”.
The Ultimate UF5 and Beyond for “Autumn Tree” and “Meet the Simurghs”.
The Wild West Show for “Window into the Past”.
The World As We See It for “Home in the Country”, “Autumn Morning”, “Moving the Herd”, “Glacier Park Autumn 3” and “Autumn Tree”.
Theme Thursday, Feature Friday for Shaun’s “Cold Day”.
United States Monthly Themes for “Lewis & Clark Caverns 4”.
Where on Earth is This for “Haunted Castle” and Jimmy’s “The Gateway Arch”.
Your Country’s Best for “Glacier Park Autumn 3”.
Zingers for “Birth of Winter”.

Our featured artworks:

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