September 2011 Features

Thank you to those who voted these and helped make them top ten winners!

Even the Wild Things Sing in the Fractal Art September Voucher challenge, hosted by the Bubbling Artists group.
Lewis & Clark Caverns 1 in the Stone challenge, hosted by the United States Monthly Themes group.
Whispering Pines as Second Place winner in the Features Only Challenge, hosted by the Between Violet & Crimson group.

Thank you to the following groups for featuring our work in September:

#1 Artists of RedBubble for Shaun’s “Home on the Range”.
A Fascinating Purple for “Lake MacDonald”.
Abstract Nature’s Macro Art for “Lewis & Clark Caverns 1”.
All Out Emotion for “Swinging”.
Along the Rural Road for “Whispering Pines”.
Alphabet Soup for “Fall Leaves 3” and Jimmy’s “Jewel Basin”.
Americas ~ Rural, Urban, Wild and Free for Brian’s “Mountain Sunset”.
Art and Ink So Free for “Twisted Perception” and “A Night to Howl”.
Art by Bubble Hosts for “Bannack, Montana”.
Art in Math for “Twisted Perception”.
Art Universe for “Fading Away”, “Hanging Gardens of Atlantis”, “Pot Pouri” and “Spring Arrangement”.
Artists Universe for “Twisted Perception”, “A Night to Howl” and Brian’s “Raging Storm Cell”.
Cee’s Fun Nikon Group for Shaun’s “Home on the Range”.
Color Me a Rainbow for “Sinuous”, “Lewis & Clark Caverns 4” and “A Splash of Color”.
Country Bumpkin for Brian’s “Mountain Sunset”.
Country Roads Around the World for “Farm Access Road”.
Creative, Talented & Unknown for “Fading Away”.
Deviants Redbubblers for “Bannack, Montana”.
Digital – Art at Its Best for “Fading Away”.
Digital Photography for “Resilience – Common Mullein”.
Elite Images for “Twisted Perception”.
Everything Ends for “Whispering Pines”.
Every Little Thing You Do for “Bannack, Montana”.
Featured for a Challenge for Shaun’s “Cold Day”.
From the Cockpit for Jimmy’s “I Can See for Miles”.
Great Plains of North America for “Resilience – Common Mullein”, “Whitefish River” and “Whispering Pines”.
If It Doesn’t Belong for Colleen’s “Heart Place”.
In His Name for Brian’s “Mountain Sunset”.
Lakes and Inland Waterways for “Whitefish River”.
Live and Let Live for “Bannack, Montana” and “The End of Indian Summer”.
Living Christianity for “Mi Esperanza”.
Montana for Brian’s “Swan Lake”.
Mornings and Evenings — Sunbeams and Storms for “Whispering Pines”.
Nature Photography Challenge for “Resilience”.
Nature’s Symphony of Trees and Flowers for Brian’s “Mountain Sunset”.
Old Farts of RedBubble for “Bannack, Montana”.
Old Things Are Vintage for “Bannack, Montana”.
One Tree at a Time for “Smoky Sunrise”.
Rainbow for “A Victorian Winter”.
Rural Around the Globe for “Resilience – Common Mullein”.
Safe Haven for “Bannack, Montana”.
Scenery for “Whitefish River”.
Seasons Change for “6 Years After the Fire”.
Shapes and Patterns for “Fibonacci Feast”.
Silhouettes for “Whispering Pines”.
Speaking Photos for Shaun’s “Different Kind of Tears”.
Streams & Stream Crossings for “View into Glacier National Park” and “Whitefish River”.
Superbly Visual for “Whispering Pines” and Brian’s “Mountain Sunset”.
The Compact Group for “Bannack, Montana” and “Red Maple”.
The Designers Corner for “First Snow”, “Eternal” and “Forever Love”.
The Group for “Dragon’s Birth”, “Strawberry Fields”, “Leviathan” and “Twisted Perception”.
The Spirit of the Season for “Happy Holidays” and “Holiday Blessings”.
The Wild West Show for “Bannack, Montana” and “Broken Down in Bannack”.
The World for “Bannack, Montana”.
The World As We See It for “Bannack, Montana”, “A Splash of Color”, “Window Into the Past” and “Fading Away”.
This is Relevant for “Resilience – Common Mullein”.
Today I Am Thankful For for “Resilience”.
Totally Amateur Photography for Jimmy’s “Jefferson on Rushmore”.
Unique Buildings of the World for “Bannack, Montana”.
Weekly Theme Challenges for “A Small Haven”.
Wild Nature Photography & Writing for Brian’s “Hall Peak”.
Wildflowers of North America for “Resilience” and “Life Finds a Way”.
World Wide Sunsets for “Whispering Pines”.
Zingers for “Whispering Pines”.

Our featured art:

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