Robin Orta

San Marcos, United States

Hailing from the great mythical state of Texas, Robin Orta drives really cool forklifts for the biggest corporation in the world. Devoted...

Sorry you were late for tea and crumpets...................

Hello fans, fbers, and fellow redbubblers.

Summer is upon us in my part of the world. Chaos fluctuations keep flapping their wings in and around all of us. Swat them mfs into order. Do it now. I mean it! Quit lollygagging!

Working on a new painting for a themed show. Its a variation of “SOmething is about to happen.” ( in which something does happen in this new one.) The theme is “Summer fancies” ( take it as you want ) .

PRINT DAY IS JUNE 23rd at my house from 3 to 6pm. For those that can make it. Bring me a shirt!

So do you think is art is dead as they say punk is ? ( I personally disagree but thats a thirty minute rant I dont want to start. ) Chime in a thought or two if it fancies you.
Otherwise till the next time

toodles and choodles and hairless poodles,


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