Forgive me!

For I have not been able to check out all your new work for over a week. This is because I reached my maxiumum Broadband GB allowance from my ISP for the month, and I’ve been switched back to dial up speeds until the 4th December.

I’ve been surfing at dial up speeds for over a week and suffice to say – it’s the most frustrating thing I’ve ever gone through. This is the first time we’ve gone over ever, but I have four people at home using it, more likely we’ve gone over as univerisity has finished for the year, and so more people are at home using it, rather than being at university, or studying.

I will watch it closely over the next month, and will consider going up to the next plan. However did I survive on dial-up for years and years on end? There’s no going back is there?

So will catch up on all your new works as soon as I get the speed back :)


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