I am blessed

I’m truly blessed to have friends like you guys on Redbubble. If I were a homeless person it sure would want to get me motivated to buy a house having you guys as a support group :) I want to thank everyone for your support and words of encouragement in my times of difficulty. My reason for being down in Florida is cause I left a business I had in NJ to come help my dad who recently had a stroke. He lives alone in Tampa and since I’m single with no children I took it upon myself to help him in whatever way I could. My Dad has renal disease, rehumatoid artheritis, emphesyma, colon cancer and recently had a stroke wich paralyzed his entire left side.. I could never imagine telling my dad about my younger brother dieing. That will finally put the last nail in the coffin so to speak. My brother was a victum of a shooting that left him for dead from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His wake and funeral had a higher turn out that I have ever seen in my entire life. The line at the funeral home wrapped around the corner and there was already full capacity in the funeral home. He was a tow truck drive and a race car owner. The funeral procession was guided by 10 flatbed tow trucks and 10 racecars following along with a police escort. He was loved by many, Just wanted to echo my thanks to everyone on Redbubble, your are truly all people I consider professionals as well as friends. God bless you all.

Rob Xavier

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