Other half joins the Bubble

I’m glad to say that my lovely wife Lini is now a Red Bubble contributor..Well, actually, she was already semi-addicted, as I am before this, but has now started taking photographs of her own…She has inherited my Nikon D200 when I upgraded to the D300. Initially I planned to sell this camera but as she had shown interest, it made perfect sense for her to take this over…not a bad camera for a starter but she has learnt to handle this fairly quickly already. In fact, I think she shows a lot of potential imho as her compositions are really good and she takes time to think about perspective and what not…It’s also great as I don’t feel guilty about taking so long now when we are out on location, waiting for that cloud to roll over or pass by, or waiting for that magic light. I try not to advise her while we are out shooting, unless she’s stuck of course with some camera function, but rather let her find her own way. Post processing wise is another story, as all of you would know, it’s a long, rather steep and never ending learning curve so I do help her in this regard until she figures this out as well….no doubt, she will be helping me before too long though..lol..!!..
It was funny, well not really (but I did laugh) that she got herself in trouble on our very 1st photo shoot back at Easter time, down the coast, fairly dark walking back after a blazingly good sunset where she slipped on some rocks and snapped a pinky and hurt her other hand as well…but like a trooper, she still came out shooting at the very next available opportunity – this, I believe has shown me, that she’s keen – well more than keen – slowly but surely – like all of us – becoming addicted to this brilliant art…..
Anyway, please make her feel welcome, well quite a few of you already have so thanks for that……best regards, Rob.

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