New Calendars Coming

I just thought I’d post a journal entry to see if I can link the calendar pages of one I put together today on some of my favorites from just the Mornington Peninsula.
I plan to put together a few as I know they’d be popular with alot of people I know…and hopefully RedBubble artists as well..!


MORNINGTON PENINSULA – A collection of images from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia. The ocean beach of the peninsula is a rough and tumble craggy coast of sandstone that has been carved out by the relentless Bass Strait weather. Big seas often pound this coastline hard from the notorious waters of the Strait which are formed from massive storms in the Antarctic and channelled in to the shallower waters between Tasmania and mainland Victoria. There are times though when the Northerlies are blowing and the whole coast becomes calm and serene with offshore winds. It’s this changability and extremes of the area that I find most appealing.

COASTLINE VICTORIA – Similar to the ocean beaches of the Peninsula, the whole Victorian coastline faces these sometimes rough pounding seas in Bass Strait. Many a ship has gone down during our relatively brief history after being smashed onto the rocks and cliffs of this coast. The unpredictability of the weather in this reagion being a major contributor. It’s what I love about the place!

WORLD COLLECTION – A collection of images from various locales from Australia, Japan and Canada. 2 versions are available -
1/. Southern Hemisphere and 2/. Northern Hemisphere
This was done so that the seasons roughly match the months of the year, depending on where your from…!
Depicted below is the Southern Hem. version


Each page is a matte coated print on 170gsm pages. The cover page is a heavier 300gsm paper. The calendars have a hanger, white wire binding and are A3 in size.

*A simple purchasing system applies where all I need is an e-mail address
whereby I can send a paypal request. I will also need a postal address when the order is placed and the Calendar will be posted straight to your door from Red Bubble.

Cost of Calendars is AU$35.00, GPD £15.00, USD$30.00*

Best regards and Merry Christmas…..Rob.

Hopefully, this has come out ok..lots of copy/pasting…!

I plan on putting together a few more shortly, in fact I’ve made a mono only one and I’m wrapped in it. Others will include:-

- Victorian Coastline
- Lan
dscapes of Australia

- World Travel…with Monkey Day Spa..of course…!!

This is a great service from RB…
Thanks for having a look……best regards, Rob.

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