New Toy

G’day there Bubblers…Just got myself a new camera today to add to my growing collection..The little Canon G10.. Well little in comparision to dslr’s but not so much when comparing to compacts.. I bought this for a specific reason as I’m about to head to Japan shortly for 3 weeks of snowboarding. In recent years, when riding o/s’s and sometimes at home, I ride with my Nikon D2/300, wide angle + telephoto, mini frotto tripod in my backpack, in addition to 1-2 lt’s of water and other bits and pieces and it all weighs in considerably. It’s something that I’ve just gotten used to – mainly because I just couldn’t bear to be without my camera and gear while high in the mountains, but it is a pain in the ass – or rather back – lugging all that gear around and I’m sure it impacts on my riding, not allowing me to move as free as I could.
Anyway, I’m wrapped to have finally talked myself into getting this little beasty which will negate the need to carry all that gear in most cases…The powershot G10 is a 14Mpx compact that shoots raw+jpg with bracketing and all sorts of great functions…all in a compact little body that’s easy to use – fairly quick little camera – only just got it but I am most impressed at this stage…I will still take my D300 and kit out on occasion, but mainly for a specific reason, eg, action shoot or a particular mountain peak for sunset etc…having the little Canon is also great for inconspicuous snap shots, here and there. Much more candit than pulling out the dslr with a big lens hanging off the front…
Anyway, just had to tell the world – Hope all is well with you all….cheers, Rob…

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