Been missing in action..

Hi all…sorry I’ve not been commenting a lot recently…RB is driving me crazy as I have some technical issue with my profile…At 1st thought it was just my pc after upgrading to Firefox3, but since happens on IE and now even my laptop where images fail to load, both my own or for that matter, anyone’s…Not sure on the fix to this and have asked for tech. support but as yet, have had no luck..I might just add, this problem is RB only, no other website has this issue including my own…Anyway, I miss you lot and will be back soon…The other factor with regards to my absence is that I’ve been up the mountains at every opportunity, making the most of what has been our best snow year in around 8 years or so..When I’m up there, I don’t tend to take my camera out much, just ride, ride and ride..!! I am so desperate to get out photographing again and now Spring is in the air and we’re starting to get some pretty decent skies and weather, I’ll be out there soon. Anyway, hope all is well with you lot…cheers, Rob.

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