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Inverness, United Kingdom

This is one of many photographs I have taken from around Scotland. I live in the capital of the Highlands and am surrounded by amazing...

Challenge...Sydney Opera House...or start your own.

Hi everyone, I am announcing the start of a new Challenge in the Best Treatment Group.

We are about to launch our very first challenge and are looking for your best photographs of this iconic Australian building.

If you have a picture that you think compares well with the many others on RedBubble, join the group and submit your photo.

Challenge starts in 2 days and will remain open for approximately 7 days.

If you want to take part, join up and post your intention to take part in this challenge in the forum.

Let the Best Treatment win!!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a picture of the Sydney Opera House, you probably do have a picture of something that other people have photographed…if so, join up and suggest your own challenge.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the mass bubblemail

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