I'm not making as much sense as usual

I just did a five minute rant to a client before realising that I’d gotten it all wrong. That may not sound so strange to some, .. after all it’s what most of us expect from companies when we call them.. but for me it’s a big deal. I hate getting it wrong. So I explained very apologetically that I have bronchitis and lack of sleep.
Of course, my wife will tell you that it’s not bronchitis, that it’s plural something-or-other, or felangial respiratory dorkington’s syndrome… (yeh, she’s a nurse).. or more likely that if I really want to know what to call it I should see the doctor. She forgets sometimes that I’m a dude, and that I only see the doctor if a limb has just fallen off…. and I don’t have the right kind of gaffa tape close to hand, or a hot iron to cortorize the wound.
Chicks on the other hand see the doctor just because their left nipple has slightly increased sensitivity, and they’re worried it means they have a hormone imbalance. HELLOOOOO ! you’re a chick, your hormones are supposed to be imbalanced ! Sheesh !
See ! this is what I mean. I can’t even tell a story without it going off on a tangent. hahaha.

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