The Road - Do You Believe in Miracles?

As I sit here on my couch gazing across the room at my son’s dog Skye (a 2 year old Siberian Husky) laying on the love seat, I say aloud, “Thank you God”. You heard right. I actually thanked God about 5 times today. If you knew me, you would know that I probably haven’t thanked God more than 5 times my whole life before today. But today I witnessed a miracle and don’t know who or what else to thank for it. I’ll bet you are wondering why and what happened.

It was a B-E-A-U-tiful sunny spring afternoon. No wind. The temperature was about 48 degrees. I’ve been outside since 10:00 am. I had the three dogs, Skye, Daisy, and Axle outside with me in the fenced yard. At times I put Skye on a runner in the lower end of the yard as I worked in that area. Skye is new to the family and has not learned any voice commands when off the leash. Spring time is the best time of year for taking care of outside chores that could not be taken care of during the winter. I had been cleaning the yard, mending the fence and it’s two gates, and just enjoying a perfect New England day. I just took Skye off the runner and put her in the fenced yard. Everything was fine until I made a very terrible mistake. I saw the dogs were at the other end of the yard. I opened the gate to roll the wheelbarrow outside the fenced area. No sooner did I start pushing the wheelbarrow; Skye saw her chance and bolted for the open gate. I grabbed for her but missed. She is so damn fast. She took off running away from the house and of course I chased after her, calling her name to no avail. Daisy followed right behind me. When I would get within 15 to 20 feet of Skye, she would bolt again running even farther away from the house. She ran through the neighbor’s yard where 2 little boys, Timmy and Kyle were playing. They were startled and scared at seeing a strange dog in their yard. I heard the word “wolf” used by one of the boys. Skye did not go near the boys nor come back to me. I chased her with Daisy in tow through the next neighbors yard, and the next and the next continuing past Darling Way road all the way down to the property owned by the Peary family next to the dog training school.

As we were approaching the Peary’s property, a large German Shepherd started barking at us from its yard across the road. Mason Road. Not a friendly road to wild animals or un-leashed dogs. Upon hearing the other dog, Skye went from the back of the property to the front heading for the road. Seeing her running towards the road, knowing she had no clue about traffic and no “street smarts”, my heart went in to my throat. I ran as fast as I could away from Skye towards the road hoping to cut her off or at least stop traffic. Saturday afternoon is a busy time on that road. Fortunately the front yard of that property is elevated from the edge of the road about five feet high by cement walls. The wall was built only 8 feet from Mason road. This caused Skye to hesitate long enough for me to get between her and the road. But now Daisy who has been following me faithfully all this time was in the road. I had to grab her and keep her close to me while keeping my position in front of Skye. Quickly, Skye lost interest in the barking shepherd and headed back behind the house. I had to walk Daisy back the way we came, the length of the elevated property towards their driveway to get us off the road, onto the front yard and back in the chase. By the time I got to the back of the property, Skye was gone. I was beside myself. I went into the next back yard (the Peary’s) and still, she was nowhere to be seen. I thought to myself, I should take Daisy home and put her in the house. Get the leash and drive back down to search for her. She was headed in the direction of state highway 18. Not a pleasant thought. As I was leaving the Peary’s back yard, they pulled into their driveway. I explained the situation and asked that they keep an eye out for Skye until I got back.

On the way back jogging to the house, Daisy was trotting in front of me. She is very good at coming when called and staying close. We were crossing Darling Way when Daisy must have sensed she was getting close to home and she increased her gait. There are no sidewalks on this side of the road and Daisy chose to run in the road instead of jumping up onto the next property next to Darling way. I was jumping down from the property my side of Darling way, yelling to her to come to me, increasing my stride, when I stepped onto or into something with my left foot and twisted my ankle bending it underneath me. I went down. I had work gloves on which saved a good scraping of my hands. Daisy came to me and I got up in pain and continued hobbling on. Oh it hurts! I can’t put my weight on the ankle. It is hurting more the farther we go. It feels like it must be broken. I have to get home and get the car now more so than before. Finally getting home, I put Daisy inside, grabbed the leash and keys and headed back down the road to the Peary’s watching for any sign of Skye. I parked at the dog training school and walked towards the Pearys’. They were outside. They said Skye was in the back yard. Just as they said that, she came running out from the back, saw me, made a hard right, saw the Peary’s and made a hard left and leaped into the road. Right in front of an oncoming car. “SKYE”, I yelled!

The guy driving the car saw there were people near the road and was slowing down when Skye ran in front of him. I saw the impact. I knew it was going to happen and there was nothing I could do. I heard the sound of her hitting the car, which I’ll never forget. I saw Karyn Peary shield her young son’s eyes. At the same moment an image that has haunted me for the past 20 years flashed through my mind. I had witnessed two large shepherds being hit by a full size van as they tried crossing a highway where the speed limit was 50 m.p.h. It all happened so fast. I lost my breath. When Skye leaped onto the road and was hit, she was thrown about five feet, did a somersault and turned completely around facing the opposite direction landing on her feet. She never missed a stride. She kept running and headed behind the Peary’s garage. I was afraid to think how I was going to find her lying back there. But when we got to the back of the garage, she was running full speed through the neighbor’s back yard towards the woods heading in the direction of our house. SKYE!

I tried running after her but my feeble attempt allowed the gap to increase to the point where I lost sight of her. I stumbled through the woods calling her name all the way to Darling Way. I trudged back towards the Peary’s searching the back yards and front yards. I had no idea where she ran off to. She was nowhere to be found. I was afraid of how I might find her if I ever found her at all. Oh my God. How was I going to tell my son Alec? He will be heart broken.


I limped back towards my car thinking that I would head home to get a flashlight, wrap my ankle, and maybe take Daisy with me hoping she might pick up a scent (wishful thinking) and start looking in the woods again. Meanwhile, Karyn took off in her car to search along the road. As I was approaching my house, she flagged me down coming from the opposite direction, and said she saw Skye sitting in my driveway.

I pulled into the driveway to find her sitting by the front door waiting to be let inside like nothing happened. She looked fine. I hugged her and she greeted me with a lick. I felt all over her body and found nothing out of the ordinary and she didn’t whine or act like anything hurt as I probed. She had an ever so slight shake but otherwise seemed perfectly fine. “Thank you God”, I said to the heavens. Karyn pulls into the driveway and we discuss where the animal ER was as I probe Skye’s body once again. I thanked her for helping and lead Skye into the house. While I was making phone calls to the closest animal hospitals, I watched Skye drink some water and lay down in a favorite spot. That’s when I noticed the blood on the floor. She had a small cut under the tip of her lower lip, nothing serious to the cut but it made me look in her mouth for broken or missing teeth. Her mouth looked fine.

The first two places I called were closed. Next, I called the New Bedford Animal Hospital on Ashley Blvd. A man answers and I asked what time they closed. He said they had closed and he was on his way out the door. I told him my story, said I thought the dog was okay but I wanted to get a professional to look her over and asked if he could suggest a closer place than the clinic in West Bridgewater. He said the doctor just left for supper. They were supposed to close at two but stayed late for another customer. He asked me how long it would take me to get there. I told him about five minutes. He said, “Bring her here right away. The doctor is coming back from supper and I’m sure he will take a look at her”. Say no more. I grabbed Skye and made it there with enough time to fill out the application before the doctor returned. The doctor walks in carrying his supper. I explained what happened. He put his meal down and has us come into the exam room. He gave her a very thorough exam. Checked her temperature, her eye movement, and every inch of her body and mouth. He said she seemed to be totally unscathed by the accident except for that small cut. No sign of concussion or internal bleeding or anything. “Thank you God”! Skye was patient through the whole exam. The doctor and the office guy, who didn’t blow me off to go home, are number one in my book. They have a customer for life.

We drove home. Skye jumped out of the car like she had no pain or soreness. After sniffing around the house a little, she retired to her favorite spot, the love seat. I sat with her. Petted her and she wagged her tail like all was fine. “Thank you God”.

So I sit here watching her sleep. She is dreaming at the moment. Her paws and legs are flinching. I think to myself, as I wrap my ankle, I’m fortunate that she is okay and I deserve the pain in my foot and ankle for being so stupid. I’m satisfied that she is not in pain and home safe. Once again, I thanked God. How many times was that?

Now I am not a believer in God in the way portrayed by the church. If that God exists, he retired a long time ago. After today’s events I feel there was more than just good luck involved. I believe there must have been some divine intervention. Call it a miracle from heaven. Call it luck. Call it anything you want to call it. I don’t need to put a label on it. All I know is that there could have been a lot of different endings to this story. How she made it through unhurt is just unbelievable. Maybe that’s why I feel a need to write down my thoughts. I personally try to be a good person and try to help others when and if I can. I’d like to believe that good comes to those who give. Maybe this was a reward. Whatever it is, I’ll take it and say one more time, “Thank you God”!

The Road - Do You Believe in Miracles?


East Freetown, United States

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True story. Some names changed to protect their privacy.

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