Cinematic Photography Project

I thought I would share an idea with you guys and don’t hold back the comments.

Ever heard about taking cinematic photographies before?
What you do is to set a theme, a sort of “story” if you will that is suppose to be a movie. Like a racing film or something.
You gather props and other stuff that you would needed as well as finding a model that could work for it, and build your shot as it was a still photography from a film.

I really like the idea, so I thought I would try this for myself.
It kinda lets me play with my photographer side as well as satisfy my movie maker side.

So I thought I would start with a classic, a WWII movie.
My father has a bunch of old rifles from the time he went hunting and the local army shop has a bunch of old military equipment. And I always wanted a old military helmet :)
I’ve sort of done this before as well. As you can see my picture darkness kinda looks like Hannibal lecter. (didn’t notice this before a few hours ago actually.)

So any thoughts or ideas about this? Any themes I should try to make pictures of? Anything you want to add?

I’d be grateful for any comments.

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