Strange people you meet.

Yesterday, while at work, my shiny new Manfrotto055XB tripod and head turned up via Australia Post parcel delivery guy, who seems to be the regular bloke that delives stuff to me at work (both personal and work related).
So i signed for the parcels and when i saw the delivery note saying what the parcels were i go all excited and said “oohhh my tripod’s arrived finally!!, yippee…etc..”

and the bloke asks me “oh, what kind of tripod is it mate?” so i think, oh he’s just making small-talk out of politeness.
so i say, “it’s a Manfrotto 055, aluminium, etc..i couldn’t affort the nice CF one”
he then say’s “oh well, they’re damn respectible anyway, but i’ve got the new carbon fibre Velbon to mount my Full-Frame (Film) camera on…”

so we chat away for a few minutes talking landscape stuff, it just so happened that i had my kit under the desk at work, so he asks if he can have a play with it as he’s after a DSLR soon as a lighter, walkaround unit….

so basically, it’s strange the people you see on a regular basis that share the same intrests/ passion that you do, but until a certain event, you would never know that about them…

I also pointed him in the direction of the bubble…..

have a nice day!!

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