Am I an "Accidental Photographer"??

Lately i’ve upgraded my camera kit to a DSLR, bigger tripod, lenses, etc…
but i’ve been stuck for inspiration of anything worthwhile to shoot.

but driving home from work i came across a nice sunset scene where i stopped to take a few different shots in the same area. I was quite pleased with the results, so they have been my most recent upoloads.

i think that i am an Accidental Photographer, when i’m not trying to find somthing to shoot, it presents itself to me…
why is this??, i would like to know.

Some mornings i wake up with the itention of capturing some nice early morning (pre-sunrise) reflections of the yachts/ clouds across the bay, (which happens to be about 1 minute from my back fence..lucky me!!)
but i wake up to find that it’s either raining, and i don’t want to get wet, or just boringly overcast, not even any texxture to the clouds that could make for an interesting shot….

The days i happen sleep in, or are busy with somthing else, are the ones that are perfectly still, with great colours in the sky, and nice texture and light in the clouds. I truly believe mother nature is toying with me to make me frustrated…..

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