Thanks Bubble Community-

I wanted to take a moment to convey my sincerest Thank You to the Community of RedBubble for adding me to their watchlist. I am grateful to have the opportunity to have more new artists review all of the varieties of my paintings, drawings, and mixed works.
Also I wanted to add a brief note that I am still finishing many recent works and uploading images of older pieces. Some of the current works in my portfolio will be updated with more information and descriptions, and a lot of them are constantly being shifted from page to page to present a nicer “flow” through the works. Hope you all enjoy my efforts and can understand that art is a progressively growing, living and breathing form of communication. I genuinely hope that you will bare with me as I am learning new processes and ways of making my pages even better. Many thanks again, and I am anxious and curious to hear some new, thoughtful feedback in regards to my works… Take care, and may peace be with you All.
Robert Dye-

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