Open for Interpretations-

Paintings contrived to resemble a photo,
Photographs translated through the computer to impersonate a painting,
depictions of a family affair, or event, to communicate the small and intricate, but meaningful cliches of our modern existence.
I find myself looping through the ever expanding amount of imagery before us, sifting through it all in search of those rarer, finely executed works,
appeased by the finite amount of pieces produced by fearless hands,
and disregarding the fleeting frustrations of the superficial.
I think to myself every moment of everyday, with so many concepts filling my heart and head at an exponential rate, trying to keep up and bring it all to fruition, there is really only one thought that begins it all:
What would you create, draw, paint, impress,
if you were the last person alive,
on the face of this glorious planet,
which could convey the barest essence of our being,
which would encapsulate the culmination of our failures and advancements,
and which could be dedicated to the Universe, Now and Forever more?
I am nourished by the fact that I will move beyond my ego,
through the illusions of the superficial, seeking the more substantial and securing spiritual affinity, inner peace to spread with all,
and to dedicate with sincerity and complete concern,
My whole being, merging with this essence of the Universe.
Then I’ll scratch this resolution with my blood on the darkest cave walls.

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