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I was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. It’s a smaller city that has nurtured me as an artist in many ways: giving me plenty of time and space to develop my talents for drawing and painting; providing an educational foundation; and supplying me with a natural environment full of beautiful imagery to draw and paint from.
I graduated Casper College in 2005 and attained an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. I predominantly studied Fine/Visual arts. I have taken some various literary courses (poetry and creative writing). I had also studied Ancient Philosophy, Sociology, and World Religions.
I would describe my art as being “progressive”. Being relatively young my works are explorations of my own skills, through uses in different mediums, and a wide range of subject matter. People say though, that upon seeing my various works there is a distinctive and cohesive style. I do not want to confine myself within a certain style or niche, I want to break boundaries, and push conventional styles and ideas. I believe that art is a living, breathing form of expression that allows people to communicate both personal and universal concepts to the world in which they live. Does life inspire art, or does art imitate life? I say that they are reciprocal, yet one in the same. I strive to create works that convey this message.
I am not merely focused on the “end” result or finished product, for there is a great significance that is found within the “means” of production. How and Why something is manifested is just as important as What it all amounts to. I have created different, developing works that may hold minor imperfections, but being imperfect is what being human is all about. In this sense, I attempt to be true with the audience. It also seems that from making a mistake we can actually attain a richer lesson, and learn not to be afraid. It is these lessons that allow for greater growth as an artist, an individual, and a spirit which in turn contributes to developing new found perceptions about our world. Also, through the struggle and confrontation one can develop and grow. I would rather climb a mountain with bare feet, than simply stroll over insignificant hills while wearing comfortable shoes.
I appreciate many valued artists of the past and present, and have studied their styles and works. From this knowledge, I aspire to contribute only a speck of color to the whole spectrum that is the modern art world.
As of this year, I have made the leap to using a computer, updating my entire portfolio, and making use of technology (as a tool) to enhance the ways that I work. Picasso once said, “I hate computers, for they only give you answers.” I suppose that, in this day and age, human beings must seek to find a delicate harmony between the available technologies and our intrinsic values. Ultimately, it is the human being that initiates the questions.

  • Age: 37
  • Joined: January 2008


Open for Interpretations-

Paintings contrived to resemble a photo, / Photographs translated through the computer to impersonate a painting, / depictions of a family affair, or event, to communicate the small and intricate, but meaningful cliches of our modern existence. / I find myself looping through the ever expanding amount of imagery before us, sifting through it all in search of those rarer, finely executed works,…
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Thanks Bubble Community-

I wanted to take a moment to convey my sincerest Thank You to the Community of RedBubble for adding me to their watchlist. I am grateful to have the opportunity to have more new artists review all of the varieties of my paintings, drawings, and mixed works. / Also I wanted to add a brief note that I am still finishing many recent works and uploading images of older pieces. Some of the current…
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Fellow Bubblers & My Watchlist-

Dear fellow Bubblers, and to those of you on my Watchlist, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude for having my work viewed. I have had one solo exhibit of work in 2005, (after graduating from my community college) at a small local coffee house. It was displayed for a month and there were mixed reactions to it (as is the case with art). For the most part, the small city t…
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