The Color Blue

I consider blue as one of my favorite colors. I say one of because i love all colors, just look at my art. Blue is just so calm and nice. All my bedding is blue. My sheets are blue, 300 thread count of course, my bed skirt is blue, but it is currently not on my bed consitering that i just never put it back on after i had to wash it when my chihuahua peed on it. my shams and my down blanket are blue as well. So when i sleep i wrap my self in a calming blue cloud. now when the weather is warmer, i replace my down blanket with a light quilt. it’s shades of tea stained yellows and hints of red, but my sheets remain blue. I have 3 sets of blue sheets.

Half my wardrobe is blue, with a few punches of red and purple.
Blue is a great color. the color of the sky and the heavens.

So. I ask that you never think of blue as sad or melancholy.

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