One big headache

What is it with people wanting to change everything. Redbubble went and changed the my bubble layout. That I can deal with, not too bad. But what is with the freaking huge text on my art and t-shirt list. It’s way way too huge, It’s too distracting when I’m trying to rotate my art list. I don’t think the title text should be bigger than the thumbnail. There’s so much of it now and almost no white space between each post that it all runs together and it takes me longer to do my weekly rotations.

I’m aggravated because when I went in Publix ( grocery store) today and they turned the whole place upside down. just about everything in the store is on a different row.
Is there a point to flipfloping the pet food row. Now the cat food is across from the dog toys and the cat litter is across from the dog food. I wonder about people’s logic sometimes. I just don’t get it

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