The Heart of Interview

A wonderful artist with a beautiful soul…

First of all ..Thank you RL Hall,
your influence in my life has blossomed like my lastest rose. You bring me inspiration and guidance as a friend and artist every day.

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

I did not know it, but until I had started to actually focus my work here on the RB
site, and that meant to take all the photos and the poems and the dreams I had Schroon everywhere, and begin to arrange them before my eyes to see, feel and touch; did I know that I had a passion that had been smoldering inside me for years. Now I feel my work manifests sometimes as a roaring fire and at others, a manageable sublime flame that feeds my desire to live.

I noticed the other day that word ‘art’ was part of the word ‘heart’… why I never saw that before I do not know.. but it makes sense to me as I contemplate the answer to your question on how creativity effects my life. Creativity is my heart and expands my life. My desires are recognized as beautiful unfinished pieces of work that I allow to be untill they find a way to express themselves thru my pen or my pad.

I have always wanted to show up for myself, and I am given a chance to do so everyday when I pick up my pen or use my IMac to create what is inside my hearts desire.

Everytime I look at my newest creation and feel a sense of worth and accomplishment, this feeling translates to my world beyond my desk and computer as a more centered and interesting woman and friend. I cannot say enough for the ‘Brave New World’ of Art that I have discovered. I feel young and pretty and I also have found the answer to the question I have been wondering all my life. Why am I here?. And now I know the answer is to feel the Joy of who I am.. A Creator who just loves to Create!

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

Well as others have said there are many moments that mean the world to me here with my family at RB. I have had people that from the first day I came to this site, still linger in my heart and were so helpful back then to my staying on at RB. But they are no longer in my RB circle. I am beginning to understand one of the best lessons I have ever learned as a person; I do not have to know the ‘why’ or the ‘everything about everyone’ or even about me! I can just keep moving forward into my bliss and live in the question sometimes as it were.

But ‘the’ question!.. OK! .. I would say the two T’s.. (I have to say two!) Terri or aspectsoftmk

and I created a time in our morning every other week or so and call it our ‘coffee talk’ time. I really can’t imagine my life without ‘CoffeeTalk’!..This is where we connect early in the morning to talk about our art and our dreams. She see’s right through me when I am off and running on my own jags of confusion and at one time here on RB, heartache. She Is patient and kind and I feel such a complete love from her and for her… a soul mate no doubt.

The same could be said of my precious friend and fellow artist,


.. she and I as she mentioned in her own interview are on path of creative kinship. She really supports my absolute love for Abstract Digital Art. And thru our love for this medium as well as our passion for verse have created the group Abstract Digital Art and Writing Group or as I so fondly call it..ADAWG..wof wof ….tee hee.
I feel a deep kinship to her family and the healing that has gone on in her husbands Craig’s life. His joy and progress has been a miracle and is a light of proof that Art and Love Heals!

This is easy.. 5 works that have inspired me.. well I could name as of now a hundred.. every day some new inspiration appears on my watch list…

But I will start with the person who for 3 solid months killed me with his work and his vision…


this inspired one of my best poems.. in fact truth be told he was quite the muse for me in my beginnings here…

Next My dear dear friend, N. Kumar Bellani

His abstract work, The Only One, At The Only Place

was somehow a beginning for me in allowing my abstract mind and heart to bloom. I do believe as I viewed his work and got to know him as an artist and a person, he was the first here at RB to give me a push towards my own inkelings and desires to create Digital Abstract Art. He was and always is, a supporter of my work and he makes me laugh like crazy!

Without a doubt… Liannes influence as a poet and a woman discovering her talents in other areas of her creative spirit has given me much to ponder. Her writing moves me deeply.

Path to Nowhere


I walk the path beside my house and ponder things
like whether bees in all their busy-ness
are all content to be bees, or whether one,
when boredom comes, might yearn sometimes to end
the back-and-forthing, flower to hive,
and hold the honey for himself and be alone awhile. (I love this stanza!)

I ponder pebbles’ personalities and
pain of becoming each unique,
some smooth and round, some sharp
and cruel, some containing
fossils of other lives, now trapped
within their own.

I ponder raindrops etching tiny rivulets,
persistent in their drive
to reunite with running stream and
become again another day
the nourishment for growing things
I see along the way.

I ponder birches’ peeling bark and
see in it renewal and beauty clear
beyond the pain of thorny locusts blooming.
I could bank my path with
cherry trees and laurels,
trillium and tulips and violets of passion.

I could mortar stones that I collect and try
to shape my path a different way than it
seems to be determined, perhaps
from its beginning, a clear destiny in mind,
to make of them some other course
that cannot be eroded.

But I leave it go where it feels it must,
leave the bees to their buzzing and
the birches to their peeling,
the raindrops to their inevitability.
It’s not a path to nowhere –
love found me on the way.

© Lianne Schneider March 2008

My dear Soulmate who happens to be my brother.. Who kept my seat in the arena of Art for many years while I was off doing pretty stupid things…rates on my love list as an infinite partner in the forever before and afters… I love him with more of all that I am than I am!
Paul Reynolds

… you know my Fave.. I have the original artwork in my posession… His humor by the way is the main reason I have adored him all these eternal years….
The Monthy Path To Enlightenment
You have got to view this LARGE TO SEE ALL THE FUNNY STUFF…

And one of the most influential female artists who mixes her Mind Body and Soul so perfectly in her work consistantly.. Is Helene Ruiz ,,,I go privately sometimes to her gallery to see if I can find the piece that best describes how i am truly feeling at the moment..Her piece
Ah ..Feelin Stuck Again

Is a real stunner for me as I relate fully to the experience she translates in this piece…. I will end this interview with her words which for me in a nutshell says just how I feel about RB, my work and who I am as an artist.

“sometimes we feel as though we’ve been planted and cannot move from where we have been planted, but the passions are still growing, moving about constantly no matter how stuck in ” place or time: we may feel….passion lives on…at least for me it does…..everything i do is because of passion.
By Helene Ruiz.

Love you RB Family.. those past present and future I honor all of you!
And for those I have not mentioned.. you know.. I have done it before.. I could write volumes on you all.. journals infact.. so you just as may well know.. you are inbetween these lines written here today….I kid you not!!
Much Love.

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