Red Walls

I would give anything to have you talk with me again. What hurts the most is that there’s no reason for the silence. Its so funny how silence can be so painful when its nothing at all. Maybe thats the irony in it all, its kinda like a big fuck you from the world because you truly can’t do anything to or about silence. No words, is worse than words at all. I miss the way we could watch t.v. together and talk about anything. There was never judgement in your eyes, only the want to comfort me. The one night that stands out the most is the one in February. It was late and we decided to lay in your bed, literally just lay. So, in the darkness of your room we laid and let the quiet carry our thoughts, and we listened. We listened to the rain falling outside your window, and you held me close against your chest. Nothing more, or nothing less. We never expected anything else than comfort from each other, and now it will never be the same. I really, really miss you. I hope you still think of me, but I don’t think we’ll be able to fix this.

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