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I am a very introverted person and my artist expressions are just that … expressions of my personality, likes and dislikes. My favorite medium is graphite. I started as a kid to just draw, my grandmother was a painter and could draw just about anything. I like to think I got some of her talent.

I am a Christian Canadian. I am trained as a Registered Nurse, BScN. I started Redbubble to try and dip my toe into selling my art. Over the last year I became very ill and was placed on leave and subsequently advised by medical professionals that working as a nurse giving direct client care is too stressful for me and I need to find work in a “background” capacity. I had to come to the realisation that my personality, is great for independent work, such as art, document management or other work that can be done independently or in the “background”. I also came to the realisation that making art and being creative are part of my personality and key to my mental health. So I decided that until I find my next step, I would make art and try to sell it on Redbubble and Etsy. I am hopeful others will feel my art is something that they want in their lives in some way.

I make art for myself and follow whatever idea comes to my mind. I don’t believe that as an artist, I must only do art of a specific media or subject. I am astounded when people buy my art on items like a throw pillow, because to me it’s a statement that they feel I have made something beautiful enough to have in their lives. I have always liked to draw animals in charcoal and graphite. I plan to practice drawing animals in charcoal, graphite and pencil crayons so that I can hopefully do commissions some day and be able to make a living creating.

Thank you all for being interested in my art and thank you to all who have decided my art is enjoyable enough to be in your homes and lives in some way.

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The need to create

I have been ill for a long time and I was put on sick leave in Jan 2018. I am now getting better, but there was a realisation that I couldn’t continue on in the state of mental,physical or spiritual health that I was in.So, I have been exercising, trying to eat right, going to counselling, going to church (that actually never stopped), and getting back to doing my creative endeavours. You s…
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Just things

I was thinking about what artistic endeavour I was wanting to start on next today when it came to me that I really like doing lots of different art. Specifically I got thinking about making patterns. I had recently completed a few “designs” or " patterns" just to relax. I put them on my portfolio because I thought they were kinda cool and maybe someone might think so too. /…
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Rejection… / I hate the I hate hell ,all Montagues, and thee….whoops totally slipped into Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet). / Rejection is not something most people like or really want to accept. Especially when it is in relation to something you have created. Rejection of an artists art feels like a rejection of the artist. / I have been thinking on this as I was not accepted …
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The Challenge of Making Art

Its a struggle to balance so many priorities in life. You must…work, workout,grocery shop, pay bills,spend time with friends and family,do activities outside the home and work,and anything else…then some how create your art. I always thought artists just jumped out of bed and wanted to do art all day long and always found inspiration at every corner. I mean really?!. When you watch mo…
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