Violet dashed through the wet streets in the fierce rush for her life. Racing around every corner, splashing through puddles of rain, her icy blue eyes darting all around in the deepest fear for what could come over her at any second. Her short, jet black hair dripped all over from running in the rain. She was scared of many things, including the dark, as she had always been.
The town she lived in had been taken over by a few very hungry vampires who had attacked from the nearby forest almost two months ago. They hadn’t left the town in so long; she was beginning to think they never would. Even the few of them that there were, the vampires had wiped out many people in the town and continued to do so with every passing day.
Violet and her family, or her best friend Julie; who was the only family she had left from these horrific creatures, were doing anything and everything they could just to stay alive. She and Julie had always been close in some extreme exotic way since they had met three years ago. Violet loved Julie with a true and pure passion she never thought could come from her heart for someone. Julie was an inspiration to her in every aspect of her life, and they would do anything for each other.
Their food was gone and she had to get at least something from the nearby grocery store. She hoped there was food there, because she knew without it there was no hope of survival.
Through her unusually deep love; Violet found herself fighting the strange and morbid urge from hunger to devour her own friend. She felt shame of the mere thought of killing the only love and comfort she had left on earth. The only caring harmless soul she had left to trust and be safe with. It was a pretty ridiculous thought altogether; to become a cannibal in the crisis of severe hunger, but she supposed anything could arise if she were to completely loose her mind. The only reason this thought had even come to her was because a few days ago she found herself licking the blood from an accidental wound Julie had received.
Violet heard a sudden and short screech that she realized was coming from around the corner of the alley she was soon about to pass. The heinous noise stopped her dead in her footsteps. The rain dripped down her nose silently and into one of the many puddles. She slowly, holding her breath, peered around the corner of the stone wall and into the alley.

Her eyes widened and her heart beat seemed to stop completely. For there, on the ground, not seven yards away from her was a female vampire. It was hovering over a man, probably in his early twenties. Or was. The vampire’s long, wet, brown hair draped over the man’s face as her sharp fangs dug into his neck, slurping and sucking in his dark delicious blood. The vampire was so focused on her kill, there wasn’t that much of a chance she would sense Violet so nearby, especially in the rain. So Violet thought. She knew there was no getting by so she thought she’d have to wait it out or go back. “But the food,” she thought, leaning her body against the building. There was no possible way she could take another brutal day without food and she knew it. Also, how could she let Julie down? Getting food for herself and Julie was the most important and only goal in her mind at that very moment and she couldn’t be stopped. She wouldn’t be stopped.
Her heart raced as she desperately searched herself for an idea, any idea. She ran her fingers through her hair and closed her eyes to try to stay calm. Julie’s face appeared in her mind; her sweet, lush brown eyes. It faded quickly though in her nervous mind.
Suddenly the slurping and sucking sound deceased. She froze. She opened her eyes and dared not move an inch.
The sound, to her immediate and thankful relief, started again. Violet knew she had to hurry; her only chance was to run by as fast and as silently as possible. The alley wasn’t too wide, so as long as the vampire wasn’t paying attention and continued its blood indulgence. Violet stood about six inches from the corner of the wall itself and her eyes focused on the store beyond the alley. She squinted at the doors and saw one was open a little, for her to easily get inside. If only she could now run by before being noticed. “Okay, I’ll make a run for it on the count of three,” she told herself, breathing in deeply.
Before she could begin to count off, the slurping and sucking stopped again and this time it was finished. She bravely glanced quickly to see what was happening in the alley, and saw the vampire wiping her mouth with her hand as she looked around cautiously and curiously.
Violet never knew a fear as great as this; she never thought she could be so scared. She wished more than anything that Julie was there to comfort and save her right then. She thought for a split second that maybe Julie had found food and she should go back, but she told herself that that was ridiculous. This was something she has to do for Julie and for herself.
Her thoughts seized as her senses tingled; telling her the vampire was moving and getting closer to her. Her senses were right.
The vampire had just become aware of Violet’s presence and closeness, and was slowly creeping in her direction where she stood; drenched and afraid.
Just then, the vampire leaped from around the corner, right in front of her. The sharp, bloody fangs hissed two inches away from Violet’s face. She gasped in horror, her jaw agape in utter fear and her eyes wide as they would go. It’s beautiful yet horrific face reeked of death. The vampire hissed again in enjoyment of Violet’s presence. It leaned over real slowly and teasingly licked up her neck to her eye, then glared at her with fierce rage, excitement and lust altogether.
Violet’s mind had completely melted. Fear had caught her off guard with its needle sharp sword and she stood defeated. She could only think of Julie. Her lips opened, trembling. Out of all her fear and shock, with her last breath, she whispered into the silence, “Julie.”
With that the vampire grinned evilly and pierced Violet’s neck with its fangs, sinking her teeth into her white flesh and drinking in her gushing blood.



Honesdale, United States

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Short story I wrote for my creative writing class =] might need to still fix it up but yeah. first story i ever actually finished.

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