Where does the tyme go when everything starts to open up. Leaving behind a precious fragile past that has soaked into present tymes for so long
What else is there to ponder on from those days. When laughter was harmless and hugs were few. Now they are forever treasured, and never let go. Why can’t we surrender ourselves and forget what has happened. What must we do to stop the haunting.
It eats me alive and crawls all over me in my sleep. I studder in my comfort speeches as the memories and thoughts flood my mind. My head feels explosive as it rains tears from my face in anger. Wishes that came true hug me tight, but let go too fast.
My heart won’t let this die, my lips won’t stop speaking this truth. My pain won’t stop, my treasures won’t be destroyed.
I’ll find a way to let you knoe, I’m slipping back into the past; the future blinds me with terror.
When can it taste so sweet again, when can I hear your comfort whisphers with myne. Unrevealing of fear, and hindering of deep content.
I love when you hold me in your arms, I need your grip; don’t let me fall dead. Keep this passion alive, I can’t take another rejection to my heart. Limp from my neck down, numb in your eyes. The line to be crossed moves from day to day. Farther and farther away…help me find it. Help me control it.
If it’s to be crossed, let’s cross it together. If it’s to be lost, let’s find it together. If we’re ment to be, let’s make it last forever.
We’ll find what else there is. We’ll climb the ladder to escape defeat. We’ll brush off this dirt and let ourselves shine. Our love can become deeper than the emotions we feel. It can withstand whatever is thrown in our faces, and stabbed in our lungs.
With your help I can turn this corner, conquer this fear, regain myself. Won’t have to feed any pain, just throw it all awayyy. We’ll scream together to feel alive. We’ll get through another day with each other by our side.

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