Special Moments<3

Your glance touches lyke pastel rainbows from the sun
Final whisphers declaring this horrid departure
Windless breezes consuming the lust
Breathing too deeply for anyone to understand these flaws
Wonderous thoughtful blaming of harm
Your voice, when I heart it, vibrates in tune
It runs through my hollow veins
Keeping me alive in so many ways
Studder, at keeping my pose and stance
Fingers grasp fingers, my breath has escaped
Every fading dream, vaguely shows your face
And I can sense your presence, just a trace
Could a wish bring you closer, could a scream make you run
When I see you my head feels a rush
My heart, rising beyond excited levels
Extreme to a point, refreshing and out of breath
Hindering emotions, not when your around
Leaning into you, holding, soft, gentle, caring
Taking time slow in enjoyment
Yet flowing like a river in it’s calmest days
Fight an urge to hold back at all
As my lips touch yours, this moment enchanted
Passion climbing a ladder of tender vines
The last thought on my mind is for either of us to leave
Bringing special moments to a close
Though never afraid to open them again
They will come again they will be back.

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