I Miss You<3

Everyday you go through my mind
I think of all the times we had together
So many fun and memorable times
It’s just so hard not to remember

I never got to say goodbye
That upsets me everyday
Too many times wanting to cry
I want to see you I wish there was a way

I hope you haven’t forgotten me
Because I haven’t forgotten you
I thought without you I couldn’t be
But now I’m without you and you without me too

I miss you so much!!!
I don’t know how else to say it
Any other way to explain it…
I wish you could be next to me again

Said we’d be bestest friends forever
Well you might be gone
But forevers not over
So I’ll wish to see you every night at dawn

Maybe you’ll show up
I’d be so happie
I miss you so much!!
If only you could see

So much has changed since you left
I don’t care
I’ve loved you since we met
I want you here as I did back then when where

I’ll keep you in my prayer
Wish things couldve been different
I want you to know I still care
Show you want I really ment

I miss you<3

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