Wake up.

The carcass are strewn all over, killed by Mercedes Reno and Rover, their common bond they were all to slow, now they make a meal for the carrion crow.
there were badger and foxes God knows whats in the boxes, maybe someone’s head, a drug s deal gone wrong, but more likely the home of field mice and their young, up and down I travel Solihull to Southampton, all ,day, long.
i’m now passing Newbury, with shops and furniture brand new, i’ve just passed a squirrel that was flat packed too.
You see they don’t know the rules of the road, from a mighty stallion to common toad, So wether your eager to go home, get the journey done, or down to southampton have some fun, You have the power to give life a chance this is true life drama not just frills and romance

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