Sleeping monster awoken

I used to carry my camera everywhere I went. I spent 50 bucks a week more than I learnt at the lab.

I put away my camera for years, I can’t really remember why.

I bought a beautiful Canon a year or so ago and hardly used it. I joined Redbubble a few weeks ago and since then I’ve taken about a million photographs, carry it constantly, see shots everywhere and I’m permanently blurry in one eye. I am again obsessed. I spend hours editing and then find myself crippled. Are they any good? will people like it?? Does it “speak”?? Is it relevant and worthy? Is it good enough to up load??
Here I sit, again with a full 2mb flash card. Oh lord… will it all be crap? I suppose at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. This is my journey, I see it through my eyes. And yours is yours. But, it’s pretty cool when we see something, grab it, show it to someone who looks and thinks.. “yeah… I know where you’re coming from” Or what about the one where you look at a picture and it speaks to you but you in a language you don’t understand but you feel it somewhere deep inside like you’ve just been able to smell colour.
Thanks RedBubble and all you wonderful Bubblers.

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