Three "intriguing" features... Plus 150 favs and comments!

Yesterday, I posted an image specially for The Art of Intrigue. group.

And I wrote: “I rather like the group concept of Images that are more than they seem and arouse the curiosity of the perceiver. That possess a mysterious or fascinating quality and contain hidden narratives and tricks of the eye…

The group hosts must have liked what I did! They rewarded me with THREE FEATURES all at one go! Many, many many thanks Michael Brennan and Lyndy.

And Thanks also to Mary Ann Riley who, by highlighting this group, prompted me to join. I think the group is cool – honestly, because of its intriguing concept and not just because they gave me three features, lol! So I would encourage you all to join too.

The first feature is the image that I posted specially for them – because I myself thought it to be rather intriguing: Whose head?

Next are two other images that I also added to the group:

After the concert which is also somewhat intriguing

and Photograph of Hands – Bali Blessings which possesses a mysterious or fascinating quality.


I received another pleasant SHOCK when I visited Red Bubble late last night,,,

My Overview pages pages were dominated by comments and favouritings by Red Bubbler DimSim

6 pages of them… which works out to about 150 of either favourites or comments. It seemed he spent at least an hour going through my entire gallery. When I check, the last comment was “about 3 hours ago” and the first, “about 4 hours ago”.

WOW! What an honour. I am greatly flattered.

Thanks DimSim :-) :-) :D

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