Featured vs Unfeatured - wise and bitter statistics

This journal entry arose out of a post by clickinhistory in which he wrote about not having ever been featured in anything.

Well, my images have been featured now and then – not all that often unlike some others who keep reporting 3 or 4 features a week – but my experience and my comment to clickinhistory is that being featured brings neither fame nor fortune. To which he remarked that I was sharing my “wise bitter experience”.

This is not written out of bitterness. And I certainly DO APPRECIATE being featured. Hosts: More features please :-)

But, as I had promised clickinhistory, here are some objective, unemotional stats regrading my images:

Total images: 203
Total views: 7088
Average views: 35

Views of featured images:
Wall art #3: 62
Light at Sensoji Temple: 48
Indian rocker 53
Step into the shadows: 60
Hands of India #3: 32
Third Eye: 63
White Shadows: 67
Hands in Prayer (top 10 in challenge as well): 146
Evil eyes (featured 3 times): 72
Flowergirl (featured few times): 168
Angry Drummer: 98
Hands at rest: 37
Bali’s Ramayana: 48
Opening pose: 62

Average views for featured images: 72

Weathered by time (#1 winner in challenge): 18
Graffiti Tree (Top 10 in challenge): 37

So maybe it is not all that bad… most featured images do get above average views and being featured does seem to offer some advantages.

But then, the overall average is dragged down by several pixs that have really dismal viewership of less than 5!

Still, the difference is not great. And note that winning challenges does not bring much fame and glory either.

In contrast, let’s see how my images do over at JPG:

Magical Sky: 1102
Smoking Kid (after) : 1061
Smoking Kid (before): 704
Baby corn with long tresses (published pix): 625
3+2 (published pix: 465
Mid-autumn dancer: 376
Cross and hooks: 318
Sharing: 307
Hand Prints: 306

At JPG, I have 98 images with over 100 views. Here at Red Bubble, I have TWO.
My least popular image at JPG has 14 views. Here, it is 4 :-(

As for being featured, I once had a photo essay featured on JPG and within a week or two, it shot up to nearly 2,000 views! Nothing close to that ever happened with my images being featured here on Red Bubble.

Obviously, the way JPG is organised is more conducive to attracting image views (and thereby fame and glory). Oh well, JPG may soon be no more…

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