Day Five

Bonsoir, mes amis!!

Well, at the moment, I am very happy to say that not only did I arrive safe qand sound, but I am currently typing from an internet cafè in Nimes, France. The trip so far has been simply fantastic!! I’m averaging about one hundred and twenty photos a day at the moment; averaging out the number i’ve taken so far, but I’m sure thats bound to increase in time. I don’t have time to upload any photos at the moment, but needless to say it has been quite a productive trip thus far. Today we visited the Ponte du Guard (ou Garde… je ne sais pas) which is a giant Roman aquaduct just outside of Nimes, and I must say it was QUITE amazing, especially the swim in the river it crosses over.

Being in a French cafè, I’m also on a Fre,ch keyboard; which is taking forever, but I will update when I can. Sixteen days, five almost over, and four more until I turn 18 in Venice =) Take care everyone, and you’ll hear from me again in due time.

Chris Richards

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