Status Update!

Hello any and everyone!

Well, I wanted to use this journal to update the watching world more frequently about what’s going on in my life. But, first and foremost, I need to thank two people – marantz, who doesnt upload but has a fair Favourites full of wonderful tees, and an anonymous somebody – for purchasing shirts of mine today, especially the inknown buyer for buying one of my All You Need is Love tee just under a half hour after I posted it =)

Now, onto the rest of me! The official count as of midnight tonight in just 45 minutes will be four days until I leave for europe, which I’m totally psyched for. I’ve got a current five GB of memory for my camera – a 1BG and a 4GB card – and will be getting another 8 gigs on one card tomorrow, putting the grand total to 13…. soo, I get to use just under one gig per day =P I hope thats enough =S

My flights leaves Detroit International airport with Air France at 7:00 pm, and we’ll be getting there at 8:45 in the evening…. no stopovers, one solid, 13 hour flight =) And its definitely my first tiome flying, so I’m stoked for that.

Otherwise, my days ahve pretty much been filled with work and now almost last minute prep for the trip. I’ve turned out to be the family traveller, already having gone WAY more places than both of my older siblings ever have, and one of the things I love the most is, since for the past three years I’ve always gone SOMEWHERE, my parents (more s my mom) feel the need to buy me almost a new wardrobe. So, needless to say after two days of shopping, I can say with confidence I’ll also be one stylin tourist ;) So if you’re going to be looking for me, find the well dressed one!!

Take care all,
Chris Richards

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