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  • Custom-made box or flat frame styles
  • High-quality timber frame finishes to suit your decor
  • Premium perspex - clearer and lighter than glass
  • Exhibition quality box or flat frame styles
  • Note: The dimensions listed indicate printed image measurements and exclude mat board and frame dimensions


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Alternate view of Dendrification 7 Framed Art Print
Alternate view of Dendrification 7 Framed Art Print
Alternate view of Dendrification 7 Framed Art Print
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Dendrification 7

Designed by Richard Maier
The dendrification process, while quite rare and wholly fictional, is similar in some respects to the better known petrification process. Just as petrification gradually replaces the original tissue of a fossilized creature with stone, dendrification replaces its original appearance with tendrils of pure color - branches whose color is based on the spot they grow from. While much fine detail is regrettably lost in this process, the preservation of the original colors is still an amazing feat. “Dendrification 7” is based on an image from an unknown stock.xchng photographer altered with the Filter Forge filter "Allways use the softener by Ramlyn":

Dendrification 7 Framed Art Print

Designed by Richard Maier


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