Ashley is Dave’s girlfriend, more or less. She’s a local girl, an aging punk rocker with a three year old daughter named Michelle, but everyone, except for Ashley’s parents, calls the kid Spore. Ashley’s father, Bill Carter, used to own the local garbage collection business, he was famous for naming all the garbage trucks after perfumes. Names like Chanel Number 5, Eau de Cologne or whatever. Ashley caught hell about it in school and she left town two days after graduation. She moved to Philadelphia to become a fashion designer, enrolled in school and quickly got hooked on crystal meth, (lovingly referred to locally as crank) and abusive relationships, one of which resulted in the birth of aforementioned child. The birth of a child can soften perceptions, alter histories and things, so when Ashley’s parents begged her to come home, after extensive negotiations including a car, her old bedroom back, and a job at Bill"s septic tank installation and maintenance company, she relented. Which is where she met Dave, Dave drives a septic tank pumping truck for Bill, when he’s not trying to fix the truck, or break it, or just hanging around the office bothering Ashley. Ashley doesn’t do very much work, mostly just cruises the internet, chat rooms and what have you. Which is where she met Jan, a Dutchman who says he owns a coffee house in Amsterdam. And as with many online relationships things got hot and heavy very quickly. Jan wants her, and even the kid, if she must, to move to the Netherlands so they can be together, she can work in the coffee house. Dave has seen some of the emails but he assumes that Jan is a woman and the erotic undercurrent sort of turns him on, what an idiot. So for advice Ashley has turned to 900 numbers for spiritual/psychic advice, to the tune of about $3000. Planning to move and hiding the phone bill has stressed Ashley out. Next, Bill finds out.

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