Dave is my roommate, he is also Frank’s kid brother, he is 50. Comes off like some kind of hybrid hick/punk rocker. He has long, jet black hair, in fact all of his hair, at least all visible hair, is jet black, due to the wonder of modern hair dyes. It is probably the only thing keeping him alive. Excessive drug use has given him a certain sort of hollowed out appearance, paired with this strange blank look brought about primarily, I believe, from the over use of one of those piercing stares so prevalent in the drug addled and angry punk rock era.He shares with his brother the same intensity of work, albeit an inverted one. He tends to make more work than he finishes. In fact there is a standing order on any job site we’re on that if Dave shows up all work ceases until Dave is bum rushed out of the area. An example would be you ask him to take a look at a running toilet and while in the process of trouble shooting the problem he notices a crack running across the tile grout in the floor over into the shower and before anyone can get back in there to check on him he has exposed the shower pan and suspects that the underlying foundation is cracked and in need of immediate attention. Well it is now. He once offered to change the oil in a friends BMW and when he was turned down practically begged the guy and harassed him until he finally relented. Two hours later everyone starts wondering what’s going on out in the driveway, so we all go outside to check on him. He crawls out from under the car with an expression so common, at least on him, in these situations, sort of timid/apologetic, and explains that he has inadvertently drained the transmission fluid instead of the oil and has spent the last hour and a half trying to figure out how to put it back in. It turns out there is no place on the upper engine to that purpose and only the dealer can do it from the drain plug. So after having it towed, repaired, and picking it up the next day our friend took it to Jiffy-Lube or wherever and got an oil change. The joke around here is that Dave could star in the most hilarious yet very sad home improvement show. Next, Ashley, Dave’s girlfriend and the afore mentioned septic tank business

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