All of these stories are happening at the same time and I’m planning a series of drawings and sculptures to go along with them. Frank is my boss, sort of a go getter hippie type, and while those two don’t exactly go together they do in him. When he was 19 in the late sixties, he and his wife left Northwest Florida and moved to Washington State. There he, with no experience, cut trees and built the most incredible multi-story log cabin, a real work of art. Later he moved back to Florida, eventually divorcing, and becoming a building contractor. Ten years or so ago he remarried and around eight I began working for him, as best I could, hungover, drug addled, and without, of course a full tool collection.
Frank had lots of schemes, the stock market, lots of graphs and things, all very exciting. He was also an efficiency expert, always finding clever ways to cut costs in construction. Some years ago he told me about an email he had received, and at the time email was relatively new and, to me, somewhat mysterious. It was from a Nigerian government official, who, at a time of chaos was cashing in on a financial opportunity and needed Frank’s help getting two million dollars out of Nigeria and into Frank’s bank account. Frank would get a portion, around three hundred thousand. I suggested it was a scam, and while Frank agreed, he decided to play along just to see where it went. Thus began 3 months of emails, faxes, and international phone calls to and from Nigeria, Amsterdam and who knows where else. Frank, after a contact, would try to verify information given to him, and amazingly, he concluded finally that the whole thing was on the up and up. Frank began carrying around a yellow legal pad where he would write down how he would spend the money with a running total down a right side column. I had around 3000 coming. A theme in the movie is daydreaming and fantasy, so while I’m building my dream home in my head, he’s spending Nigerian dollars. Of course this was all kept from his wife, the Nigerian stuff I mean. There seemed to be no risk, he wasn’t being asked for money, yet. Frank became more and more excited, it was about to happen, they just needed some government stamp to transfer the funds. However this was going to entail a bribe of 6000 dollars, which, if Frank would supply it, would be added to Frank’s cut once the transfer was made. Frank sent the money. Days go by, more correspondence, no transfer. I couldn’t believe he sent the money. Then a complication, another bribe was needed. I begged him not to send it, it was a scam, just stop. But he was stuck,he had to send it or his fantasy was gone, and he looked like an idiot, he sent 6000 more. The next day a Fed Ex package comes from Nigeria, while Frank was not there, and his wife, curious about a package from Nigeria, opens it, and discovers the whole affair. She goes crazy, threatens divorce, no money ever comes, and she forces him into gamblers anonymous. That along with trouble with his brother and my roommate Dave, his girlfriend Ashley, her lover, and a certain septic tank business culminate in the exciting ending of the movie. Next up Dave.

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