Sore Loser

I have to rant for a moment.

There are some people on Deviant who think they’re king. Just because they have high page views. The rant for today is for this guy, on this work >

I stated that i find his ‘watermark’ ‘off’ and ‘amateuristic’. I didn’t say anything about his work. He manages to give this load of bullshit response – which is really over the top, and has nothing to do with my remark – and just ‘bans’ me from his page, denying me to comment on his page.

Now let me ask you this; isn’t his watermark a sad and pathetic thing? C’mon, it’s like, made in this cheap Helvetica font, really taking the photo down.

What’s even more sad, is the ban. It shows how people like him are pissed off so easily, can’t take shit anymore, and just want they’re cock stroked. Sad little French turd he is.

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