Animal Rights in Danger!

If there’s one thing that pisses me off the most – and people who know me, know that i don’t get pissed off easily – is the fact that animal rights are in danger.

I am one of the biggest animal fans out there, and a animal rights pacifist at heart, to the core. Animals deserve the same rights as humans, and should be on a equal level when it comes to endangerment and caretaking.

There is no right in one’s human mind, thinking humans are the better entity’s / creatures above animals. Sure, they undoubtly lack the same skills a human has. But so do small infants and children. When they are in danger, we humans jump on the bandwagon to protect them.

We co-exist next to animals; who gave you the mortal law to think you are above any other creature? The reason i am typing this is because, in a short period of time, a prime minister is going to append a new law in the Netherlands, which undermines the laws of animals even more, giving the bio industry the favor at hand.

I don’t have to explain in greater depth what that means; more testing on animals, more killing of animals without tranquilizers, even making animals more and more brainless eating machines with a short life-span to feed US!

Luckily, there are some sane humans around – like me – who share my same thought. Why, in the rest of the world are there these ‘Animal Cops’, and in the Netherlands, NONE. Sure, they have Customs stopping ‘some’ animal cruelty (by confiscating a mere percentage of incoming goods), and even the AID (General Inspection Services) has only 12(!) animal inspectors (with most of them non-capable of enforcing police-law) in the whole country.

But clearly, that’s not enough. These SANE, same-thinking-brothers have set up an official petition to stop this ridiculous law at <a href="">Dierenwet</a>

Now i know that most of you are from other countries, and are not even from the Netherlands. To those who are; please sign that petition. To those who aren’t; i’ve let you be aware of the fact that this exists.

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