Hi everyone!

I’m taking a cue from Cheriperry, and giving you all a peek at the person behind the screen name Rhody53. First off, Rhody comes from the state where I live, Rhode Island, as I’m sure many of you have already figured out. As I wrote in my profile, I really didn’t get seriously into photography until after I received my first 35 mm camera, and then it was “Watch out, world!” I never took any formal training, but I was lucky, because my best teacher was my Dad. Photography bonded us, and it was something that I shared with my Dad that neither my brother nor two sisters did.
He was always proud of the accomplishments I had made in photography, both vocationally and avocationally, and I think he considered his greatest accomplishment to be when the student surpassed the teacher, so to speak. I consider all of my accomplishments in photography to be a tribute to him, and when I go out “shooting”, I feel his presence often.

My favorite photographic subjects landscapes, waterscapes (because they’re not all seascapes), flora & fauna, and I recently entered the wonderful world of Infrared photography. (My mother’s not crazy about it, because she think it’s too eerie looking, but oh well…whatever floats your boat, right?) I’m having a ball with Infrared, and I’m hungry to learn more about it.

I have never been married…too much wanderlust (I love that word!) in my soul, I reckon. I live in Rhode Island, now, (and also did at least three times prior to this time), but I grew up the greater Boston bedroom community of Melrose, MA. I’ve also lived in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Connecticut, (oh, that wanderlust!). I am now settled in Rhode Island, (yes, really! I bought a condo and everything,), where my family lives. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease about 3 years ago while I was living in Connecticut, and I figured that it was time to stop all this wanderlust stuff and go home to family, And so, here I am, in my condo with my cat, Cara (which is actually a nickname for Carrabassett, but that explanation will have to wait until another journal entry). I’m happy to be in Rhode Island, to be close to my family, and to be a part of this “family” right here. I hope to be a part of “right here” for a very long time :-)


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