Poems and Pieces

The Bucket Heads

… all inhabitants on the dark side of Nu Turain to be fitted with 2 gallon titanium buckets to be worn on the head. …

Old Warrior Poet

Long shadows cast on lion days / in an archway retired

A Likely Excuse


Another Invitation

“Charlie” didn’t speak; just sat looking across the fields.


The novelist watches her kindly, thinking she might be someone on the verge of a breakdown.

Contrived Love

I looked in to her eyes embarrassed beyond words.


“That’s all the men talked about when we packed the Electric Clydsdales.”

Her Photograph

She visited -fleeting photograph / Radiant smile

Bus Ride to Freedom

I thought about how lonely and quiet it was out here and how I liked taking that bus towards adventure.

Natural Law/Cause and Impact


Goosefoot and the King’s Spear

I approached a large garden patch and spied a short Latin looking fellow holding forth to fascinated bystanders.


Train stations are great places for “business”. A public handoff.

My Rescue Boat

How I get into these situations is beyond me.

Pleased I’m Sure!

When he arrived, I marveled at the long flowing white beard and sandals and knew immediately the twinkled eye of philanthropy.


“Gave up the nice car, big house and now you walkin round to say nothing?”

Pillow Talk

We ate good Mexican food and laughed over bottles of Tecate, while Pillow slept between our feet.

Summer Dance

We just need socks, no fancy dancing shoes / The music in the moonbeams’ gonna light up our floor / And we could not be sanctified withou…

An Angry Meal!

Not bad for a couple of hicks from Maine.

Ludmila Changes

I barely remembered this kind, albeit, really masculine woman in front of me.

Mistaken Orders

The “newbie” joined us by the pool, holding his head a little too high for my liking.

Kiipsi Is Gone

Kiipsi couldn’t go to the beauty parlor with Emmaleen; I could not have been more thrilled. I’m not saying the mutt grew on me; not saying…

Killing Orders

I heard it; (policy). A rookie, perfect; send a rookie to kill a vet.

Unlucky Youth Lucky Man

As an adult, my luck changed. Counting numbers with the TV lotto lady; I was curse-free!


Her daughter Gloria was thirteen going on twenty one but this phone conversation was too much! Marge slumped against the fridge afraid to m…

Desperate Scramble

Rhino my husband went down fast. It sickened me to hear the thud and his yell of pain.

The Gig In The Sky

I winked at the back-up vocalist girls; knowing they wanted me, but it could never be.

Bang A Gong-Get it On

I was exasperated and exhausted, trying not to push big-brown eyed, big-boned, lethargic-sensitive Bessie our vocalist too hard.


Later Bealzebub brought me my favorite wool-line sheepskin slippers. I was somewhat awed; maybe this dog is a keeper.

The Invitation

Washington DC is full of obsequious types; those jelly handed greeters who would lick your shoe if it meant a promotion.

Fire Escape


When the Big-Boys Forsake the Rules

Castles crumble and fall / strained by iniquity’s greed / When big-boys forsake the rules

A Little Annoyed

I slapped him hard; over my Mr. Coffee machine, into the aisle!

The Great Heist

I viewed the THIS TRUCK MAKES FREQUENT STOPS on the back doors. “Oh we’ll stop alright” I muttered.

Vegas Will Get You

The elevator opened into a large room. Twenty well-dressed executive types sat around the table with cards and drinks and chips, looking at…

Good Drugs

With changed medication Harold began phonating; animal shrieks and prolonged moans.

Broken English

Sitting in my unkempt China Star Hotel room with broken AC , I stared at my half-finished glass of lemonade.

Sleep Perchance

Big Suzes’ clipped lingerie tag on the couch. I like plain, but she is Victoria’s Secret; I love her anyways.


“If we find a town, we’ll get food and water and fresh clothes and nobody gives up ya hear?”

Standing in the Pits

In the kitchen an empty fridge gurgled / Dirty pots glued together with yesterday’s sustenence / A cockroach raced his brother toward…

Arrest On Sight

I had been invited to a party at the local Air Force base where they made a sport of Tequila shots.

Orders Are Orders

Exhausted and famished, leaning towards each other like conspirators, they anguished over the best pizza.


Old battle axe hated me, but I loved her daughter.

Medical Issues

The pain continued. A stinging sensation radiated from the middle of my back to my calves like fire.

Aye Chihuahua!

When I tried to respond he stuck his tongue in my mouth!


“Well then you are not kooky, but I will send you to a neurologist to see why your ears are ringing; could be something as simple as diet.”

Sunday, Naughty Sunday

“It’s here-I got change; no idea it costs so much.” Geek glasses fogged as he dug furiously. His bow tie too tight, suit suddenly oven hot…

Wife Whisperer

POPULAR ELECTRONICS showed me how to wire our home security alarm to the VCR ON/OFF.

A Dictated Excuse: Why I did Not Make it To My Go…

“And I’m standing at the crossroads, believe I’m sinking down.” The Tazer was next but unequivocally on par with my entire morning experien…

My Removal

I put the barrel in my mouth, jamming steel against my molars

Round Wheels

The girls momentarily left. I told Hal how Judith pedaled us here. We laughed uproariously!

Covington Cross

“But the intelligence and planning, surely this is cavalier and unwarranted risk!”

Spirit People

I was elated but it was exasperating to not understand her ancient tongue.

Driving Me Crazy

As difficult as it would be to turn the long vehicle around, I pulled over.

Silent Nell

Going to Afghanistan, gone to fight the Taliban

We Just Wanna…

Tattoos! The more, the merrier! / Pink or blue dyed hair or both! Spike it or shave it!!!

I Laugh Like Richard

“Anticipate walls”

Bread Winner

“I guess I can bare another day in the salt mines.”

Locomotive Moments

The behemoth rests uneasy in harness / tethered to a rusted and frozen locomotive

A Coffee Dream

When I slept I dreamed of justice / In the mission charity line I spoke with others like me / we had our dreams stolen by ruthless , cleve…

Mule Dog

I admired her sense of hope-beyond-hope and loyalty to that little yip-yip dog.

A Bum’s Story

The real truth of my life, lies somewhere between Missoula Montana and where I am now. This is just another cold and damp place I call home.

Letter To a Friend in Jail

The whispy little granola girl with glasses named Michelle is now named Mike, has a beard and she mentioned, she has a renewed interest in …

Justine and Kate

Their hands collided as Justine was intending to take the badges out for further inspection. He liked the feel of her hand on his …

Painting Deep Blue

Grinning kids kicked circles in the sand with tender toes

Secret Asian Man

I was the bird in the cage being brought to the cat.

Let Me In/Out

…I pried with fierce hands / a door that wouldn’t move…

The Rape of Freedom

Masters in the home of the brave / These clever Hyenas

Finally Waking Up

Ruminations about cost, delays and true love / Masterpieces incomplete

The Sleeping Enemy/Lover

…A mirror glares in disgust / Blue and black and gray…

The Day’s Eye

I grabbed the closest woman and clapped shackles on her. “Come along Sunshine.”

Untie Me (Come Home)

I sewed a yellow ribbon; attached near my heart with a thread of golden hope. / You did not return after your promised year.

Dreadful Circus

a heap where lay / Miss Hope / Miss Take / Miss Congeniality

My First Portrait

What was it she had said? / You really got my dimples? / My mother wants to frame it?

The Yellow Thong

…I stammered, it’s just that..” I turned pale feeling nauseous. Should have kept my mouth shut…
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