Reprint Poem & New Artwork Published in SORCEROUS SIGNALS

A two-fer today…my reprint fantasy poem “When Wizards Clashed” and a new illustration to go with the poem have both been published in the Nov ‘12 – Jan ’13 Issue of the fantasy web-zine Sorcerous Signals. The poem originally appeared in the April issue of the now-defunct web-zine The Absent Willow Review. When the editor of Sorcerous Signals accepted the poem, she also asked if I had an illustration to go with it. I didn’t have a previously completed illustration to accompany the poem, so I composed one.

Note the donation button below the poem. If you like my wizardly fantasy poem and artwork, please consider making a donation. Donations made are split 60/40 between the author (60%) and the magazine (40%). Such donations would be a great incentive to keeping this artist and poet composing poetry and artwork. They would also help support one of this artist and poet’s favourite fantasy web-zines.

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