"Battle Beneath the Mere" in NewMyths.com

Everyone can finally see my depiction of Beowulf battling Grendel’s mother! My fantasy artwork “Battle Beneath the Mere” has been published in Issue 19 of NewMyths.com. Check it out!

Even though “Battle Beneath the Mere” is a fantasy piece, I tried to draw Beowulf as if he were a historical figure. The Geatish hero is armed in mail byrnie and boar-crested spangenhelm, armour that could have been worn by a real Dark Age warrior. Hrunting, the noble sword discarded upon the ground because it proved useless against Grendel’s mother, is based on early medieval swords with gilded hilts and pattern-welded blades. The giant’s huge blade that Beowulf wields to behead his fierce opponent is an exaggeration of a migration-period ring-sword.

I even went so far as to give Grendel’s mother a knife resembling a seax, a Saxon fighting knife. I figured her knife might be something like a seax, especially since she is supposedly a formidable fighter.

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