Wide Angle Love

Thought I’d share my thoughts on choosing a lens…

When I had the chance to spend about $700 on a lens for my kit, for some reason I resisted my usual urge to “go longer”. I had been looking at the options in the 300mm range, but for some reason I resisted the telephoto options and went wide. I think perhaps the lack of decent glass for the price was a deciding factor – good quality telephoto lenses are well over the $1000 mark, most starting closer to $2000 for f2.8-f4.

So, I’ve ended up with an ultra-wide Sigma 10-20mm EX. Its a gorgeous piece of glass. Any of the really dramatic shots in my RB portfolio were shot with it. At 10mm, I need to work to control the distortions, but at 12-20 it really sings. Its sharp, even wide open (f4) and gives a view of the world I really hadn’t expected. There’s just so much in shot.

So, if you have the chance to look at a new lens, give a wide-angle a look-in. I’m still adding a telephoto zoom (f2.8 70-200) to the kit, but that’s on lay-by.

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