Flight Of Love

As I speed on down the runway.
Take off and lift my gear.
Never seeing you again
is all I ever fear.
Talking to the tower
it’s still you that’s on my mind.
So much I should be thinking of,
but you’re the only thought I find.
Can’t you feel the ground effect
underneath my wings?
You are the wind that gives me lift.
The song that my heart sings.
You are the apex in my loop.
The G’s that hold me in.
You’re the force I must escape
when I do a spin.
As I fly so gently
high above the ground.
I feel so awful lonely
because you’re not around.
I see your house below me.
I have to do a buzz.
Wing over now into a dive.
Why? Don’t know. Because!
I think it was my thought of you.
I wanted you to know.
Always you are in my mind.
Don’t matter where I go.
It doesn’t matter what I’m doing
flying high or diving deep.
You are what is on my mind
Even when I sleep.

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