I'm so sick of FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! (Ad VS. Reality photo included)

Have you ever seen those mouth watering ad’s time and time again giving you so many promises and are so relentless that you just have to buy it?

So you think OK I will, so proceed to buy the said advertised edible item.

The price they advertise always seemed way lower than expected once you empty your wallet for it, usually because they only advertise the price of the smallest version of the item without letting you know that… naturally.

BUT then… you open it only to find you’ve been RIPPED OFF and duped into buying something that barely resembles the ad whatsoever! so small and WAY less toppings or filling etc

Here’s one example of one item I just HAD to try because of how great the ad looked… but to my dismay it was extremely misleading with chicken pouring out of the front of the wrap and the wrap being so thick and full of chicken and looking to good, PFFFFT! LIES!

It had SOME chicken.. all piled in the back, mostly lettuce in this, but that was it, and not nearly as thick as the ad, or even as cooked, barely what I’d called grilled chicken.

This goes for their burgers and chicken pieces and snack boxes and wraps etc etc, all the same bullshit rip off…

I have so little faith in advertising now, and this is a tiny example of the depths of the false advertising from pretty much every company trying to sell something! I never believe these ad’s anymore… unless they show me the made item before I buy it, which is never pretty much.

Ever seen those pizza ad’s? they are a huge rip off in their advertising, I swear to god I payed $3 extra just for some pepperoni once, and they put an overwhelming >>5<< single pieces on my pizza! I counted them… ridiculous! lol, and the fact the pizzas are getting so small there is no such thing as a large pizza anymore, and so little toppings or anything, unless you pay a fortune to add extra which still does NOT look anything like the photos they bullshit you with, they are anorexic pizzas! lol

Packets of chips are a joke now, barely a pathetic third full… but packed full of air so you can’t feel the tiny amount in the bottom lol, I remember those ad’s where the chips were actually out of the top of the packet, they don’t exist anymore naturally lol, but when I was a kid the chips were actually mostly full… sigh

Even macca’s is the same, funny how they advertise a burger now but nobody ever holds the burger and takes a bite in the ads… don’t want people to see how TINY their burgers have become do they! lol

Hungry jacks is actually not far from their ad’s at least, and value for money, they are my fav for fast food when I need to trust one lol, or an actually normal burger and chips shop, they are OK sometimes.

Now I’m not a huge fast food eater anyway, I like to eat healthy and stay fit and only have a bit of poison occasionally lol, I just wish when I did it was worth it for those few minutes of stolen indulgence :P sadly it’s not.

Anyways I don’t want to rant all day lol, but things used to be so much more HONEST in advertising… you got what you seen and paid for pretty much, no more sadly, profits win over customer satisfaction these days… fuckers, I hope you all get rats balls in your cheeseburgers!



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