Life or death.

Chapter one
The beginning.

It was a dark and rainy as a figure made his way out of the shadows, his dripping wet hair glistening in the full moons light. Red lustful eyes glanced around as his grip tightened on the sword that was in his blood stained hand. A mangled female corpse lay rotting behind him as he walked away leaving the body for the sewage rats to fest on. An evil grin graced his lips as his black leather coat whipped around is moving body. Each step was held with a deadly grace that matched the murderous look on his pale features. Dressed in pure black leather the man left the secluded area and headed towards the black dodge viper parked before him.

“Did you get rid of her?” A voice asked from inside the car.

“Yeah the little slut is no more, let’s seeing the government figure out who this one is.” The black clothed man smirked evilly.

“Drake I swear you are on twisted son of a bitch.” The other man laughed.

“Yeah Victor as if you’re not.” Drake sneered as he got into the car.

“Just don’t crash like you did last time.” Victor warned as Drake started the Dodge Viper up.

3 months later.

“Forensics say she’s been dead for over three months.” Inspector Wilkons mumbled.

“And there is nothing for a DNA match, no teeth no hair no nothing.” Chief Max Sparks replied.

“That is exactly it, whoever did this didn’t want us to find them or who this girl is. They shaved head completely and looks like they poured some sort of acid on top to stop it growing back. Her teeth on the other hand have on been pulled out by force and by the lines on her face I say she was alive while they did it.” Inspector Wilkons explained.

“Sir we have a missing person’s report that fits the details we have of the dead girl.” A New York City Police officer informed.

“Well who is it then Officer.” Chief Max Sparks snapped.

“Miss Luna Williams, 18, 5.3, hazel eyes, brown hair and a Medical student.” The officer explained.

“Ring any bells Chief.”

“Not one Wilkons. Alright get her body sent down to the morgue, tell them to get anything they can I want to know who this girl is and what exactly we’re dealing with here.” Chief Sparks ordered.

Choruses of ‘Yes sir’ reigned around the area as the forensics team cleared up the area, so far all they had to go one were a set of footprints and spilt car fuel. Chief Max Sparks of the New York City Police, a blonde 36 year old who had been in the force for over 25 years. With two little girls and a wife who he adored Max Sparks couldn’t ask for more, unless it was a simpler job but that he wasn’t getting any time soon.

“You would think god had it out for me.” Max sighed to himself as he started up his car.

Reversing out his parking spot Max began the drive back home for his dinner praying he was able to sit down and eat it this time. Pulling into the drive way of his four bedroom house Max made his way up into the house. As per usual the odd child’s toy was scattered across the lawn along with several dog chew toys. Opening the door he was immediately greeted by the smell of a turkey dinner and two hyperactive children.

“DADDY?” The two girls chorused.

“Now who might you two be?” Max joked as he gathered the blonde and brunette girls in his arms.

“Well I’m Lexi and this is Marie.” The oldest of the two replied.

“Really I guess I will have to look that one up.”

“Lexi, Marie get in here and help me set the table.” A feminine voice called from the kitchen.

“Coming mummy.” The brunette replied back.

“Lexi wait for me.” Marie cried after her sister.

“Kids.” Max laughed as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hello darling.” His wife greeted.

A vision of beauty she was to him, her dark chocolate hair cascading down her back as her hands chopped away at the carrots for dinner. Dressed in casual clothing of jeans and a shirt Max walked up behind Susan Sparks and wrapped his arms around before kissing her neck gently. Susan smiled warmly back at his as her hands continued on with dinner.

“If you don’t stop that there’s going to be blood all over your dinner.” Susan joked.

“Hmm I guess it would make it taste funny.” Max laughed.

“How was work today then sweetie?” Susan asked her husband.

“You know how it is, the same old same old. One deceased after the other, mind you this one I have a funny feeling about.” Max explained to his wife.

“Like I’ve always told you, go with that feeling you’ve been right before when you do.”

“How is it you always seem to be right?” Max mock glared.

“Just a women’s natural gift I keep telling you that, now come on cut this turkey for me.” Susan laughed.

Finally getting the table set and dinner laid out the family of four sat down around their dinner table and said grace. Susan glanced at her husband quickly as she silently thanked god for keeping him alive another day. After a chorus of ‘Amen’s’ Max dished out dinner for his two daughters knowing they would end taking too much and not eating it.

“Daddy I want more than that.” Marie cried.

“You never eat it so there’s no point.” Lexi replied to her six year old sister.

“I do too Lexi you’re the one who doesn’t eat her’s.” Marie snapped back to the ten year old.

“Girls that is enough.” Susan warned. “Lexi you should know better and Marie it’s true you never eat it all.”

“I will this time.” Marie thought for a second before adding. “Okay maybe I won’t.”

“Well girls how was school?” Max asked.

“It was great daddy; Mrs Johnson let us paint with our hands to make flowers.” Lexi replied.

“We got to go out and pick flowers to stick to this big picture we’re doing.” Marie added.

“Sounds like fun.”

“What about you daddy, How was your day?” Lexi asked.

“Well it was full of car chases and shooting bad guys but then out of nowhere this Zombie shows up and eats up all the team.” Max joked.

“Eww daddy that’s gross.” Marie said as she scrunched up her face.

“Yeah.” Lexi added.

“Max not when we’re eating.” Susan asked as she tried not to smile.

Max chuckled as he finished up his dinner, miraculously both Lexi and Marie ate there’s all before heading up to the bedroom they shared. Clearing up the table Susan signalled to her husband to go tuck the girls into bed. Glancing at the clock Max shook his head and sighed not believing the time, 8.45 pm was a lot later than he thought. By the time he got to the top of the stairs he could already hear the girls fighting over something he could tell was pointless.

“It’s my turn.”

“No it’s mine give it back.”

Max cleared his throat as he stood in the door causing both girls to immediately drop whatever it was they were holding and jump into bed. Max smiled at the innocent looks that were now on their faces. Smiling to himself he sat down on Marie’s bed and tucked the sheets in around her as she hugged her doll closer to her body.

“Now what exactly where you two fighting over?” Max asked simply.

“I wanted to read a book but Lexi wouldn’t give it to me.” Marie replied.

“I had it first and it’s my book.” Lexi retorted.

“Girls what have I told you two about sharing now come on it’s time for bed.”

“But daddy.” The two girls chorused.

“There are no buts’ about it, come on sleep or do I have to hypnotize you.” Max joked.

“No we will go to sleep.” Lexi replied.

“That’s my girls, now if you’re really good and I mean really I’ll take you out for Ice cream tomorrow.”

The two girls cheered as they both snuggled deeper under their bed covers, blowing them both a kiss Max got up and turned off the light before closing the door. The glow of the night light caught his eye before the door closed and he turned and headed to his own bedroom were his wife was waiting.

“Did they behave?” Susan asked.

“Miraculously yeah. I said I’ll take them out for Ice cream tomorrow.” Max replied.

“But what if you get called into work.”

“I’ll say no I won’t go.” Max put simply as he undressed and got into bed.

“You said that before as well.” Susan reminded.

“This time I’m serious.” Max retorted.

“You said that to.” Susan grinned.

“Now you’re just being funny or are you being mean.” Max joked.

Susan laughed as she curled up closer to her husband’s body, turning of the lamps Max wrapped his arms around her slim waist before letting sleep take over. Mumbling a simple ‘I love you’ the two of them drifted off to sleep, completely un-aware of the trouble that was to follow.

Life or death.


Antrim, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

But when his team of officers discover the mangled remains of an 18 year old medical student things take a turn for the worse. Max Sparks soon discovers there is more to the girl’s death, throwing him straight into the US Military and even deeper than he could have ever imagined. Now he must not only protect his family but the US Military and the President himself.

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