The normal fight

If only she knew, Just how beautiful I really know she is,
See it’s one of those things, those twisted contorted and dangerous things,
I can’t really just admit my affection and I even more so can’t act on it,
And I know what everyone is thinking, Just say it, Why hold back,
If only you knew the complexity of the situation,
If only you had a tiny glimpse of the restraints on me,
It’s not nearly as easy as I thought it would be,
And it only gets harder,
Kind of like a bone that’s been broken,
It only gets stronger but I feel even weaker,

And now that she’s apart of my daily life,
I can’t just ignore these daily sights,
Of grace, personality and visual delight,
And believe me, I’m trying with all my might
Trying to do things that are considered right,
But here I am, only able to write,
If only love’s bark was worse than it’s bite,
Maybe then I could shed some light,
On my true feelings, That would be a sight,
And somedays it feels as if I’m a kite,
Flying high above it all, Enjoying the height,
Refernce to the high I get from the freight,
I get from thinking of what will become of me in the night,
Just pray this fuel soaked man doesn’t recieve a lite,
Doesn’t get his love to ignite,
Doesn’t have a chance to burn bright,
Just pray one day our hands will be locked and squeezed tight,
Just pray our friendship remains alright,
Through the next four years, like usual, sounds polite,
But it sounds about normal, That’s the normal fight,
For me.

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