An Attempt to Sum Her Up in Words

There is so much beauty in you,
That it is almost unbearable,
The way stars look down upon you and make their wishes,
The way the quiet twirl of spinning coins falling into wells, Whisper your name,
The moon hides her faces in jealousy when you step out at night,
And the ground beneath your feet fills with pride when you honor it with your presence,
You are so incredibly gorgeous, That I can’t even begin to sum it up in words,
Everything about you is breathtaking and astounding,
I love the way you smile. So delicately but with such emotion.
How you try to hide your teeth when you do,
And when you can’t, you say something to mask it,
The way your cheeks raise upward and silhouette your eyes,
And how they light up with such intense brightness,
I love your eyes. I could swim for an eternity in them,
Every locked moment is paradise for me,
When I look into them, I find meaning in my life,
I find purpose and hope, I find a repaired heart staring back at me,
One that’s been broken too many times, But still beats strong,
The drum of love pulses throughout your veins,
The breath of compassion echoes through your lungs,
And the touch of an angel sends compulsive warmth down my body.
Everything about you is perfect, Even the things you believe to be flaws,
Like your scars, That sit so plainly and peacefully,
They are precious to me, And remind me that I must treat you with care,
You are a fragile porcelain doll, made to perfection, that can shatter so easily,
Of which I never want to see or cause, I want to care for you and keep you safe,
For you are one of a kind and worth more than the entirety of my existence.

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