Peter Krause

Melbourne, Australia

Not an artist. just an outsider trying to get somewhere in the artworld. Got a long way to go yet. Appreciate all the help I can get so...

What was that track?

Can anybody help me identify a track of some 13 years vintage perhaps.
Not much to go on but one never knows.
It starts with a whispered voice saying “I’m in paradise now” backed by what could be described as ethereal/spooky music and a slightly dub reggae beat. It goes for about 4/5 minutes. I think it might be by Meat Beat Manifesto but I’m not sure.
Does that brief description trigger any memories probably from the mid-90s.
It is a favourite song that I’ve got on an old cassette tape somewhere but I never got the names of songs back then. To my chagrin.
If you can identify the song please let me know. That would be fantastic.

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